Living Tones and Musical Objects: A Sonic Celebration

At 8pm we will perform works by US Artist Fellow Jin Hi Kim, Scratch Orchestra founder Michael Parsons, the inimitable Linn D., voice expert and poet Barbara Alden, visual artist/musician Alison Cross, the mercurial Kurt Schwertzik, Fluxus artist and poet Nye Ffarrabas, movement transcriber Simone Forti, the balletic Constant Lambert, Deep Listening proponent Pauline Oliveros, her Swiss collaborator Margrit Schenker and electronic pioneers Otto Luening and Vladimir Ussachevsky. We are honoured to be joined by dancer and educator Hari Krishnan and the creative observer of Living Tones, Jin Hi Kim herself.

A crucial aspect of experimental music is the cultivation of sensory awareness to the broader sonic environment. These practices have underpinned over a decade of Vocal Constructivist performances. New in 2023 is the idea of hosting related events ahead of the performance, designed to engage a broader public in creative listening practices. Come join us for this special celebration, in a part of London known for its cultural richness, artistic history, ferruginous waters, clean(er) air, and proximity to the tranquil environment of Hampstead Heath.

At Heath Street Baptist Church (84 Heath St, NW3 1DN):

11am morning workshop: listen deeply to the sounds of Living Tones (Jin Hi Kim)

12pm sonic meditation with the Vocal Constructivists (15 mins)

1pm afternoon workshop: make your own (calli)graphic score (Alison Cross)

At Pentameters Theatre (28 Heath St/enter via Oriel Place, NW3 6TE)

8pm Vocal Constructivists concert with guest artist Hari Krishnan