Past performances

Living Tones and Musical Objects‘ a day-long residency in Hampstead (London NW3) including workshops, a meditation and a concert. A crucial aspect of experimental music is the cultivation of sensory awareness to the broader sonic environment, which underpinned the day including the performances of new works and existing pieces along this theme.

1952 at 70,’ a special programme that celebrated the 70th birthday of a variety of landmark experimental pieces, offering fresh interpretations of Earle Brown’s December 1952, John Cage’s 4’33”, alongside works by Alison Cross, Morton Feldman, György Ligeti, Otto Luening, and Władysław Szpilman, Pentameters Theatre, London (20 December 2022)

Scratch and the Sequence‘, a programme that explores Cornelius Cardew’s Schooltime Compositions, Christian Wolff’s Sticks, Alvin Lucier’s Opera with Objects, and presents new pieces by Barbara Alden, Nye Ffarrabas, Jin Hi Kim, Linn D, Daniel J. Wolf, and Ben Zucker, Pentameters Theatre, London (22 July 2022)

‘Through the Square Window‘, a two-day online festival to mark the tenth anniversary of the Vocal Constructivists (June, 2021). Comprising seminars, opportunities for creativity and participation, Q&A with guest speakers, a sound bath, and live performances.

Two Fiftieth Anniversaries‘, a performance celebrating the 50th anniversaries of Pauline Oliveros’ ‘Link’ and Alvin Lucier’s ‘Gentle Fire’ (2 May, 2021)

‘SCALA‘, a purpose-made sound installation at the Tabakalera International Centre for Contemporary Culture in San Sebastián, featuring the Vocal Constructivists’ recording of Pauline Oliveros’ Sound Patterns (December 2020 – May 2021)

‘Golden Irma’, a “microfilm” reinterpreting the Vocal Constructivists’ 2019 performance of Irma (7 August, 2020)

‘Three Sound Sculptures’, a collaboration with composer Wojtek Blecharz to transform sculptures by Katarzyna Kobro into musical compositions, Swiss Church (15 December, 2019)

‘The Scratch Orchestra at 50’, lecture, performances, and roundtable discussion with original Scratch Orchestra members, British Library (9 July, 2019)

‘Irma,’ a new incarnation of Tom Phillips’ 1969 opera, constructed from fragments of a Victorian novel, Lumen Church (17 June, 2019)

‘Pieces for Pauline’ a concert exploring and promoting Pauline Oliveros’ “deep listening” ideas, through new works, improvisations, and a workshop led by Viv Corringham, Cafe Oto (27 May, 2018)

‘The Space of Spirit’ a program alternating pieces by Pauline Oliveros (1932-2016) and new works designed to simulate greater sonic awareness by Neely Bruce, Ron Kuivila, Paula Matthusen, Michael Parson, and Margrit Schenker, Lumen Church, Bloomsbury (9 June, 2018)

Threnody for the Hieroglyphic Cicada’ choreographed performance of music by Pauline Oliveros and pieces written in her honour, St Catharine’s College Chapel, Cambridge (26 January, 2018)

Lullaby for Pauline (Oliveros) performance commemorating the life and work of the American composer, performer, activist, and visionary Pauline Oliveros (1932-2016), at Cafe Oto (14 March, 2017)

Nonexistent Hocket‘ performance alongside CoMA Voices and Musarc as part of the Exposure 2016 Workshop with Exaudi Vocal Ensemble ( at Hanbury Hall, London (23 October, 2016)

Salon Voltaire performance as part of Bloomsbury Festival, commemorating the Cabaret Voltaire that launched the Dadaist movement in 1916, Senate House Chancellor’s Hall, London (21 October, 2016)

MMM: Lullaby to Dawn‘ performance in the South Bank Deep Minimalism festival at St Johns Smith Square (26 June, 2016)

American Consructions‘ performance at the Ideopreneurial Entrephonics II festival in Dublin (23 April, 2016)

Non-objective Composition‘, Vocal Constructivists perform in the Stoke Newington Contemporary Music Festival (5 December, 2015)

Reconstruction of a Map‘, Vocal Constructivists perform in Goldsmiths Hall, Senate House, University of London (30 November, 2015)

A Treatise Remix” a musical essay by Christopher Williams featuring the Vocal Constructivists (14 August, 2015), commissioned by Deutschlandradio Kultur’s Klangkunst program.

Drawing Towards Sound,’ performance of Cardew’s Treatise by the Vocal Constructivists in the Crit Pit, University of Greenwich (25 March, 2015),

In September 2014, “‘Tractatus Philosophicus’: The Launch of Walking Still,” invited performance by the Vocal Constuctivists in the October Gallery, London. This was the launch party for our new album Walking Still.

In June 2014, the Vocal Constructivists were featured as part of the Music and/as Process Conference with a programme called In-Form-ation.

In January 2014, the Vocal Constructivists were invited to perform “Digging Songs” at the Revolutionary Communist Party of Britain (Marxist-Leninist) New Year’s Dinner.

In August 2013, the Vocal Constructivists sang in Peckham Carpark as part of the London Contemporary Music Festival.

In August 2013, the Vocal Constructivists performed Exquisite Corpses, a programme of British and American experimental compositions, at the Arcola Theatre in London.

In April 2013, the Vocal Constructivists did an American tour in Connecticut and New York.

In November 2012, the Vocal Constructivists were invited by the multi-talented Kasia Sobucka to present our programme Lektura in Deconstruction Project’s Jazz and Experimental Music From Poland 2012 Festival at The Forge, London.

In summer 2012, the Vocal Constructivists introduced Medium Rare, a programme of pieces by living four American composers.

In 2011, the Vocal Constructivists performed the first ever sung rendition of Cornelius Cardew’s Treatise (1963-67).