Upcoming Performances

Having begun a collaboration with London’s Pentameters Theatre in 2022, the Vocal Constructivists are excited to knit together works by Barbara Alden, Alison Cross, Analog On, Nye Ffarrabas, Charles Hutchins, Jin Hi Kim, Alvin Lucier, Otto Luening, Michael Parsons, Vladimir Ussachevsky, and Suhail Yusuf in a three-day festival in July 2023. Alongside group and solo performances, the festival will include talks, film screenings, and participatory workshops on DIY experimental music. Founder Jane Alden describes Pentameters Theatre as ‘the perfect venue for creative work’. Run by the remarkable poet/curator Léonie Scott-Matthews with musical accompaniment by Godfrey Old, Pentameters plays an active part in expanding recognition of past innovations and broadening future creativity.