Wojtek Blecharz’s Three Sound Sculptures for Choir at the JEMP: Mechanical Festival (December 2019)

Tom Phillips’ Irma at Lumen Church (June 2019)


Rehearsing for Cambridge (January 2018)

Deep Minimalism at St John Smith Square, London (June 2016)

The Vocal Constructivists performing Lullaby for Daisy Pauline in Dublin
Photo by Alice the Camera

Drawing Towards Sound at the University of Greenwich (March, 2015)

Medium City at JACK, Brooklyn, NY (April 2013)

JACK mid brax

Lektura at The Forge, Camden (November 2012)

credit: Gold Lens Photography
credit: Gold Lens Photography
credit: gold lens photography
credit; gold lens photography

V22 Old Biscuit Factory before the Vocal Constructivists

Medium Rare at The Old Biscuit Factory (July 2012)

Photo credit: SoundFjord: Sonic Art Gallery and Research Unit. Used with permission.

Cornelius Cardew’s Treatise at the South London Gallery (September 2011)